Published on October 16 2020

Mistakes to Avoid Before Installing Solar Panels

So, you have decided to invest in installing solar panels, right? Now, it’s time to gather information from those who have recently installed a solar system in Mpumalanga. And avoid a few common mistakes that can ensure you get a long-lasting solar system. Well, this article has covered the pitfalls that you should eliminate regarding solar panel installations in Mpumalanga. So, before you contact the professionals, look at the following passage.

Eliminate These Pitfalls to Install Solar Panels

Avoid the following mistakes before getting solar panels installed on your home.

1. Making a Decision Based on Price

You will get what you pay for. This popular saying is true in so many aspects of life. And it’s not an exception in terms of installing solar panels. However, look for professionals who install quality solar panels at an affordable rate. But looking for a cheap option may not give you a satisfying result.

2. Not getting Multiple Quotes

In Mpumalanga, you will find many solar energy companies that charge high for installing solar panels. Hence, it’s prudent to get multiple quotes from different companies. Compare their pricing structure, and choose an affordable one. But never compromise the quality of services due to this factor.

3. Thinking about the DIY

Many homeowners consider that installing solar panels is quite easy. And that’s the blunder they do. Remember, a small mistake on the solar panel wiring can cause costly damages to a home. So, if you don’t have knowledge and experience in this regard, it’s best to deliver this responsibility to professionals.

4. Having Unreasonable Expectations

People usually install solar panels to reduce the monthly electricity bill. But Solar panels may not always meet your expectation in terms of generating electricity. You should remember that the sun is unpredictable and uncontrollable. The system may vary day to day depending on the amount of sunlight.

5. Not Getting the Solar Panels Tilted Enough

You should get the solar panels tilted at least 10 degrees despite having a flat roof surface. It’s quite essential for optimum energy production. So, keep this factor in mind while getting solar panels installed by professionals.

solar panel installation expert

A Trusted Solar Energy Company to Contact

Need experts for solar panel installations in Mpumalanga? Then contact WiSolar, a renowned solar energy company. They offer quality solar panels at an affordable rate. From here, you can also rent solar equipment. So, wait no more! Visit to schedule your appointment.

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Published on October 1 2020

Installing solar panels is undoubtedly a great way to reduce the cost of energy in a home. It absorbs heat from the sun and generates free electricity. Most importantly, using solar energy leaves a great impact on the environment. However, if you want to install solar panels on your home, you need to contact a trusted solar energy company. They assist their clients from every aspect in this regard. And that’s what this article has revealed. Prior to that, take a look at a few benefits of installing solar panels.

solar panel installation

Benefits of Installing Solar Panels

Learn the benefits of installing solar panels in the following lines.

  • As stated earlier, solar panels absorb heat and produce electricity. It means you can save money on your electricity bill.
  • Solar energy systems usually don’t require a lot of maintenance.
  • Solar panels on your home will reduce the dependency on fossil fuels and combat greenhouse gas emissions.

Now, let’s know the services offered by a solar energy company.

What a Solar Energy Company Can Do for You

Explore the different services offered by a solar energy company.

Solar Panels Installation

The renewable energy experts install solar panels on the rooftop of properties. Know more details of it in the following lines.

  • Residential Panels Installation: The experts of solar energy companies work for residential properties. They assess the current power consumption first and choose the panel that suits your home.
  • Commercial Panel Installation: Apart from residential buildings, they also provide solar power solutions to commercial businesses and government institutions. And in terms of high-consumption offices, the experts plan strategically to install solar panels.

Solar Panels Moving
Does your home have a solar panel installed? But now you wish to move! Don’t worry! Whether you buy or sell a home, the experts will reach your new address and install solar panels.

Tips on Energy Bills Savings

The experts of solar energy companies provide energy savings tips to their clients. They will help you find the right system according to the size of your property.

Now, let’s know about the different products offered by solar energy companies.

Different Solar Panels Provided by Solar Energy Companies

Choose your solar panel from the following options with the help of renewable energy experts.

  • NeON 2 315W: This solar panel adopts the new cello technology. It features a better warranty, performance, and durability.
  • SolarWorld SW 270 Black: You can choose this solar panel for both residential and commercial building. It comes with a smooth black surface and black module frames.
  • Wisolar 5W 12V: This solar panel is small but handy. It is embedded in an aluminium frame

When it comes to installing solar panels, you should always contact a trusted company. Why? Continue reading!

Why Contact a Trusted Solar Energy Company?

  • A trusted company provides quality solar panels with affordable packages.
  • They will allow you to rent solar energy equipment. And you have to pay a monthly bill.
  • Apart from solar panels, they also provide residential energy walls.
Solar Energy Company

A Trusted Solar Energy Company to Contact

Want to install solar panels on your home? Make contact WiSolar , a renowned solar energy company. Here, the experts have installed more than 1, 00,000 solar systems across South Africa. They offer all the services and products mentioned above. Visit to know more.

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