Published on January 6 2021

Professional Solar Installation Vs DIY

Installing solar panels is a great way to generate renewable energy from the sun. This approach can reduce your electricity bill to a great extent. But many people in Gauteng are confused between professional and DIY solar installation. And you are one of them, right? Don’t worry! This article can help. Here, you will get the right solution for solar installation in Gauteng. So, keep scrolling down!

What You Should Do for Solar Installation

Both professional and DIY solar installation can be successful. But several factors make people confused to make the right decision. Let’s go through the following lines to clear this confusion.


The professionals of solar energy companies have adequate knowledge and experience in installing solar panels. And that’s the reason why they can do this task flawlessly.

On the flip, if you don’t have experience in doing this task, you will never get success. Your entire effort will be ended in smoke.


The professionals have the right equipment to install solar panels on your home. But do you have any idea about the tools required for this task? If not, how could you expect to have a perfect installation?

Quality of Solar Panels

Solar panels are of different types. And this is selected according to the structure and position of a home. However, the professionals of solar energy companies know which solar panel suits your house.

On the other hand, it’s quite difficult for homeowners to choose the right type of solar panel. In this respect, one needs to conduct thorough research to be well aware of its types.

Complexity and Danger

Solar panels installation is not as easy as it seems. It requires installing electrical wiring, lifting heavy panels, working at heights, etc. Therefore, if you are not experienced in doing this task, you will be at high risk. Most importantly, the wrong installation may pose a danger to your home.

Contrarily, there will be no risk if you hire professionals.

Well, from the points mentioned above, it can be clearly concluded that hiring professionals is the best option in installing solar panels. Now, let’s find a trusted solar energy company in Gauteng.

Contact Here to Install Solar Panels

Reach out to the experts at WiSolar, a trusted solar energy Tcompany. Here, the professionals are quite famous for solar installation in Gauteng. They offer this service for both residential and commercial buildings. Visit to know more.

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Published on December 1 2020

Solar Panel Installation

What’s the advantage of installing solar panels? Does solar panel installation worth it? Isn’t it very expensive? There are so many questions buzzing around your head, right? And due to this dilemma, people often miss the essence of the entire fact.

In the modern era, it’s very important to be well aware of the trending technologies and their significance too.  

Apart from the financial benefits, there are plenty of reasons for solar panel installation in Gauteng. Check out the following passage.

The significance of installing a solar panel in Gauteng

Here we have formed a list to make you understand the importance of installing a solar panel. Let us check them out.

Environment friendly:

Everyone knows that solar energy represents a clean, green source of energy. Solar panel installation is an amazing way to reduce your carbon footprint. Solar power never pollutes Mother Nature.

Also, this renewable energy doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses. It only needs clean water to make it function. Thus, it’s safe and eco-friendly.

Satisfactory return on investment:

Solar panel installation in Gauteng allows for consuming solar energy. As the sun is a natural source of energy, you will not have to pay for using it. You can enjoy electricity without having to worry about a huge amount of bills.

To make that happen, all you need to do is to invest in solar panels initially. Also, it doesn’t require much cost that afterwards.

Low maintenance cost:

Solar panels require low maintenance throughout their lifespan. Also, these have no moving parts. So, the chance of breaking down is less. It doesn’t need replacements of parts very frequently either.

The structure of the commercial building makes the solar panels easy to access. These solar units are covered with protective glass and encased by non-corrosive aluminium that makes the solar panel more durable.

Reduces electricity bills:

In commercial buildings, the Electricity bill is one of the important expenses to deal with. Even though it seems impossible to lower energy costs with the help of a solar panel, now it is possible! By using the solar panel, you can reduce your electricity bills.

Contact a company of solar panel installation in Gauteng

WiSolar is an eminent and reliable company that offers solar panel installation in Gauteng. This is an end-to-end, customer oriented alternative energy company.  It is centred on the marketing, trading, supply, and distribution of solar energy systems in South Africa.

They offer a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to their clients across Africa. It’s a very environmentally friendly renewable energy company. Head over to for further details or to contact them.

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Published on November 10 2020

Installing solar panels is truly an excellent way to reduce the electricity bill. Most importantly, this approach leaves a positive impact on the environment. But there are certain things you need to keep in mind for installing solar panels. Most homeowners in Gauteng are quite concerned in this regard. So, if you want to go for solar installation in Gauteng, learn those crucial things first. Now, read the following passage to explore.

solar installation Gauteng

Things to Remember for Installing Solar Panels

Keep the following things in mind for installing solar panels.

The Condition of Your Roof

A roof needs to be an excellent condition for installing solar panels. The durability of the solar panels majorly depends on this factor. An asphalt roof can be a great option in this regard. But in terms of a poor roof, it can be costly and challenging to get removed and reinstalled solar panels.


Geographic location matters a lot in terms of installing solar panels. Remember, the more the sun shines on solar panels, the more these can generate electricity. The direction of South and Southwest will be the ideal option in this regard. But North facing roofs may not meet your expectation. So, before installing solar panels, consider this factor.

The Shape of your Roof

Roofs come in different sizes and shapes. So, if you decide to install solar panels, make sure your roof has enough space. Otherwise, you may not get the return on your investment.

The Weight That the Roof Can Handle

Solar panels will naturally increase the structure of your roof. So, if the weight of solar panels is more than the handling capacity of the roof, it may collapse. And this is truly dangerous. Hence, to avoid any unwanted situation, call professionals to determine if the roof requires additional support for solar panels installation.

How to Connect to the Grid

Apart from the shape and structure of your roof, you should also consider this factor. Well, in this respect, you need to determine a few things. These include if you need to pay any fees, how and when you will be credited for generated electricity.

solar company south africa

A Solar Energy Company to Contact

Need professional help for solar installation in Gauteng? Contact WiSolar, a reliable solar energy company. They offer different types of solar panels at an affordable rate. Here, the experts offer this service for residential and commercial places in South Africa. Visit to know more.

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